Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zombie Playground


Finally. Feels good to be uploading 
some new stuff to the blog.  This whole
series of pages is basically just one big 
project for my Advertising class. We had 
to find a product not alot of people
knew about yet. In this case it's a 
video game called Zombie Playground
by Massive Black inc. 
If you're intrigued, then by all
 means check it out
 ...So, I decided to make something of 
a trailer-- but in comic book form...

Making the cover look like an
authentic comic book was actually my
teacher's idea

Zombies... so fun to draw...
no need for careful lines haha 

Always cool to see where ideas start out IMO..
so i included the roughs just because..

...and that's that. This semester is crazy
time consuming, so the next time i 
upload something might be December :-/
hopefully, though, it won't be that long...

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