Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zombie Playground


Finally. Feels good to be uploading 
some new stuff to the blog.  This whole
series of pages is basically just one big 
project for my Advertising class. We had 
to find a product not alot of people
knew about yet. In this case it's a 
video game called Zombie Playground
by Massive Black inc. 
If you're intrigued, then by all
 means check it out
 ...So, I decided to make something of 
a trailer-- but in comic book form...

Making the cover look like an
authentic comic book was actually my
teacher's idea

Zombies... so fun to draw...
no need for careful lines haha 

Always cool to see where ideas start out IMO..
so i included the roughs just because..

...and that's that. This semester is crazy
time consuming, so the next time i 
upload something might be December :-/
hopefully, though, it won't be that long...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012


Sample script from the Dark Horse website

Not crazy about the last panel. Drawing people
from a distance is definitely something 
i need to work on. Cars too.. 

Page 3 is probably my favorite. I love
drawing fantasy lanscapes and monsters,
since there is no science or logic attached
to them.. you can basically go nuts. 

You'd think the guy would jump out of the way.
I guess he was tired..?

Hehe.. poor guys

Definitely need to practice 3 point perspective. 
I was completely lost drawing this angle.
I pretty much eye-balled the
whole thing.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Untitled Comic

Title, and the first (and only) 11 pages 
of a comic i started. I only wrote it because
i was in desperate need of a story to draw. Once 
i realized that i could just find scripts online
 i scrapped it completely.

Pencils for the Title. I wanted to include
a large, "District 9" -esque mothership hovering
over Earth, but..

...i decided against it because i thought it was too
much. Looking back, it might have been cooler
to just leave it in.

[EDIT 4.2013]
i like this page so much i wanted
to revisit it 

hehe.. Old Man Logan reference ^^...
Who knows, i might come back to this
one day...

Design Heros

Pencils, Inks, and Colors for this poster i did
featuring super hero versions of some of my friends
in the graphic design program. 


bunch of characters made up by me.
Its what happens when im bored.

Timmy Gets A Wool Coat

Random pages from a comic assignment. Sadly, i never got
to finish comic, but i did get an A!

The story follows an orphan, Timmy, who
dreams of one day being adopted.

He befriends a lamb (who TALKS!) that ends
 up shaving his own wool (somehow) and makes
a coat to give to Timmy to impress a couple coming 
to his orphanage.

Naturally, Timmy gets adopted (because he IS the protagonist) All thanks to his
shiny wool coat.. o_O i forget who wrote this, but i enjoyed drawing it

Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too

[Edit 2.2013] went back and recolored the
title page to try out my new tablet.
I think does wonders for my quality 
of work :D


Illustration for Shel Silverstein's Ickle Me
Pickle Me Tickle Me too.

Daniel Meets Batman... in color!

Me and old bats.. in color!!

Daniel Meets Batman

Comic style self portrait.. me and old bats